2nd Pangalaktik Summer App Camp:us 2012

Not another summer university!

The 2nd Pangalaktik App Camp:us is a 2+3+2 week multicultural app development camp by the end of Summer 2012 in Hungary. We selected our wonderful team from 441 applications we got from 39 countries. Now we're in the pre-production phase of the project we will be working on in the Camp:us. Any questions? Drop us a mail!

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16 chosen girls + boys 2 + 3 + 2 weeks 1 task

01 What

Not another boooring summer university!

Rather a reality show with a small international team of young geek talents, joining their forces in an exciting 2+3+2 week digital product development event, in the heart of Europe.

The 2nd Pangalaktik App Camp:us is organized by one of Central-Europe's funkiest digital agency, Carnation Group.

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02 When

  • 1st 8th - 21st
  • 2nd 22nd - 11th
    Aug - Sept
  • 3rd 12th - 26th
  • 2 weeks of Pre-Campus Hype @ Home
  • 3 weeks of Hardcore App Dev on location
  • 2 more weeks of Mega-Giga Hype @ Home

03 Where

The Camp:us takes place in the heart of Central Europe,

in one of the most beautiful locations in Hungary. The exact location will be revealed soon!

Check out our mood video from 2011!

1st App Campers say:

  • Superb event,
    awesome people!
    Anna, Russia
  • Hardcore challange
    with huge amount of fun.
    Shubham, India
  • I'd definetly
    come again.
    Martin, Estonia
  • Best 4
    weeks ever!
    Chohye, S.Korea
  • EPIC! I had the
    time of my life!
    Ali, India

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In the 1st App Camp:us
we created Crowdspottr:

Launch Campus '11 website

Application ended on 20th June.

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